Novan Ariadi, MT

Nama : Novan Ariadi, MT

Pendidikan :

  1. 2006 lulus sarjana jurusan Electrical Engineering di ITB
  2. 2012 lulus sarjana Electronics Engineering di ITB

Pengalaman Kerja :


Development of Fault Detection Management Software for Monorail,

SIV and Traction

Development of GUI Application to Control Automated Guideway

Transit (AGT) System

Academic Research:

Development of FXO module for VOIP telephony system

Development of FXS module for VOIP telephony system

Development of Device Driver for FX0/FXS module

Development of Open Source Softswitch based Language Laboratory


Implementation of Virtual Class in Keerom, Papua


“Delay Measurement of Remote Presentation in Digital Language

Laboratory System”, International Conference on Cloud Computing and

Social Networking

Teaching Experience: Lecturer at STT KH EZ MUTTAQIEN in Electrical Engineering

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